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What exactly is logistics?

Our BIM models are extensively used to extract quantities and 4D sequencing / phasing outputs. We incorporate parameters of construction activity according to the bar-chart, which are added to BIM models to study and document sequencing, phasing, site management. We build these models differently – using visual scheduling layering. BIM models built this way can

Types of Clash detection and their importance?

For AEC disciplines there are many types of clash detection required. For architecture, door, windows, finished floor, curtain walls, architectural wall. Etc. For structure, beams, columns, foundation, reinforcements, lift shafts etc. For MEP heating systems, cooling systems, equipment’s, sprinklers etc. For Electrical panels, wires, cable trays, etc. Second is interdisciplinary clash checks like Arch vs

What is HVAC validation?

The heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is extremely important concern for pharma industry, which aids to enhance and maintain the quality of drug products. The American society of Heating, refrigerating and air-conditioning engineers defines air HVAC system as a “ a system that must accomplish four objectives simultaneously, namely, control of air, temperature, control

What are shop drawings?

Shop drawings are the drawings created by the manufacturers or fabricators for the pre-fabricated components.  At INDBIM we prepare shop drawings for steel erectors, contractors and fabricators. Shop drawings should have all information regarding size, material specifications, dimensions, surface preparation, bolting, welding, painting, manufacturing and installations.