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HVAC Shop Drawings for Accurate Engineering Fabrications & Installations

BIM can create mock-ups of the construction business ahead of time, allowing you to know exactly how to plan your site, move your materials and coordinate with your construction workers. Your HVAC system won’t be getting in anyone’s way during construction when you use BIM to plan ahead. Planning your Ductwork for your heating and Air conditioning, not to mention a place for the systems themselves, is essential to a smooth-flowing project. Here at INDBIM, we take great care and pride everyday in producing professional shop and design coordination.

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INDBIM Experts Will Handle HVAC BIM

As your HVAC business grows, you may realize that the demand for your shop drawings is quickly out-pacing your in-house capabilities.

You can turn to an experienced BIM service provider to help with HVAC ductwork CAD. Outsourcing to an lead coordination services lets you leverage best in class HVAC drawings technology at a fraction of typical design costs.


Duct detailing and Sizing Shop Drawings

Designers do parametric design with parameters such as air density, dynamic viscosity, and flow to work out duct sizing accurately. They have to indicate airflow for each component of the duct system. HVAC shop drawings must take into account heating and cooling loads for each room. Duct detailing and sizing is a critical component of MEPF design projects. Engineers, contractors, and architects all around the world recognize the importance of getting their ductwork design right to facilitate the proper installation of efficient HVAC systems. Duct detailing and sizing are critical aspects of HVAC system design to address a building’s airflow requirements and to achieve optimal occupant comfort. Prefabrication duct modeling helps determine the right duct size, duct work routing, and the correct type and amount of construction material required. 3D-BIM applications make easy work of duct sizing by incorporating various calculations, including static regain values and constant velocity. It’s also critical to work out and document the constant pressure drop in any duct work. In turn, an HVAC contractor may apply BIM tools to detect conflicting visualizations, data, or specifications between their ductwork designs and the general architect’s 3D models.


Heating System Shop Drawings

Heating systems shop drawings require the correct application of HVAC principles, along with consideration of building materials and methods of construction, and strict adherence to mandated building codes and safety regulations. A contractor who’s building a heating system requires accurate information to get the job right without project delays. The MEP expert needs to work out heat load calculations as well as door and window technical requirements (including solar heat gain coefficients). HVAC shop drawings can provide that information. A useful heating system prefabrication blueprint should include 2D/3D documentation such as Detailed schematics, Control systems, Pipe routing.


Cooling System Shop Drawings

At INDBIM, our HVAC designers are skilled in applying industry best practices for cooling and dehumidifying large and small spaces – knowledge that goes beyond the technical requirements of a cooling system. There are many variables that must be considered when locating Ductwork, diffusers, and returns. Also, depending on the type of cooling system choosen for the facilities, such as zone distribution – the location of variable air volume boxes for precise control of zone temperatures which will lower energy consumption and provide passive dehumidification must also be considered. Cooling system shop drawings may show components such as Pumps, Electric motors, Fans, Pressure valves, Commissioning station, Flexible connectors, Air handling units, Fan coil units, riser and Temperature sensors.

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