INDBIM offers high quality structural steel detailing services.

Steel framed buildings have progressed urban architecture with the ability to build taller and stronger structures with predictable load shedding capacity. Even though these building may have a small footprint, it is often thousands of steel beams, shapes, plates, fasteners, and prefabricated assemblies that must be precisely detailed for shop machining and accurately marked for erection sequencing.

Steel structures that are modeled with the Tekla Structures BIM software are not only more accurate, they also carry more detailed and reliable information about each framing component. The result is the ability to create fabrication drawings faster and with less scrap during machining. Overall, the marriage between BIM and fabrication drawings will allow for a smoother erection process – and this is where the time, manpower, and cost savings are realized. Tekla-modeled structures can interface directly with many electronic-controlled shop machines, sending design information directly to CNC routing, laser cutting, or robotic welding workflows.

Revit produces precisely detailed pre-cast concrete shop drawings that can be referenced by all stakeholders, including concrete suppliers and field rebar installers. Pitfalls when fabricating pre-cast concrete structures are avoided, saving time and money from wasted efforts. Not only is the pre-cast concrete workflow verified against the architectural documentation, all quantities and concrete mixture variables are included for faster on the job installations.

An entire library of predefined rebar shapes are available to make reinforced concrete layouts and fabrications proceed quickly. Reinforcement tools allow designers to quickly add rebar, anchors, hooks, and other reinforcing elements to columns, concrete beams, foundations, and structural floors. The automation of rebar numbering for schedules and annotations adds to a reduction in the time it takes to create pre-cast concrete shop drawings.

We will create all the necessary information for concrete lift drawings for deep or shallow foundations, retaining walls, floor slabs and more – by automatically pulling the information from the 3D model. Any additional footing or splicing components are also created for a complete set of concrete assembly drawings, including accurate quantity take-offs. At INDBIM, our team of BIM specialists and structural design experts work to make sure structural shop drawing information is not missing that can result in costly mistakes such as incorrect sequencing or missing embeds. And when accurate cuts and sections are taken directly from the model and integrated in the shop drawing set, field workers can better visualize the end results that are expected. And this reduces field conflicts that were missed in the design process due to human error.

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Case Studies

Flotation Hall

Project size: 20 tons
Team size: 6 person
Duration: 35 days
Description: There is wide range of connection used in this project, connections such as moment connection, shear plate connection, end plate connection, shop welded stub connection. The project was havin...


Project size: 48000sq ft
Team size: 6 person
Duration: 15 days
Description: Structral steel detailing for Beam, Column, Joist, Vertical Braces, Stair, Handrail, Guardrail, Anchor Bolts, Embed Plates, Lintel Angle, Deck/Grating Support Angle, Circular Loose Plates.

Structural steel shop drawings

Pre-fabricated steel components created from accurate structural steel fabrication shop drawings are key to ensuring efficient and high-quality erection of structures at the construction site. It is this precise, off-site fabrication of thousands of pieces of steel components which creates a competitive advantage of steel construction over concrete buildings. The use of construction-site fabrication of steel members has long been deemed as producing inferior quality workmanship, as the many operations from surface cleaning, machining, fitting, and finishing lack the controlled environment of fabricators that use shop drawings to create steel assemblies with tight tolerance and quality assurance standards.

For these reasons and many others, owners and stakeholders agree that structural steel detailing offers competitive project advantages from design and construction to safety and maintenance. Central to the entire building process is the structural steel fabricator. These shops play an imperative role in the steel supply chain, using advanced CNC machinery and material handling equipment to consistently produce a high-quality product in a controlled environment from accurate steel shop drawings.

A&E firms will generally outsource the production of these shop drawings to services which employ skilled structural steel detailers to ensure the structural steel engineer’s intentions are reduced to manageable pieces for fabrication and transportation, incorporating detailed symbology with accurate tolerances, and consistently marked pieces for seamless and sequential erection procedures.

Structural steel models shared as a Tekla Structure will provide valuable input into fabrication drawing approval process because it will utilize the precise 3D model geometry and underlying engineering data to generate the additional views and information needed for structural steel fabrication shop drawings, such as connection size, type, and spacings, type and quantity of welds and bolts, and the dimensions and grade of connection plates.

Critical Role of the Structural Steel Detailer

Bridging the gap from design to erection lies the crucial role of the structural steel detailer in creating the structural steel fabrication drawings needed for building erection. To achieve the level of detail steel shop drawings require, a steel detailer must be educated in structural steel design and drafting, and have keen industry knowledge of machining processes and construction practices.

Establishing an outsourced partnership with INDBIM service will give A&E firms a cost-effective solution for fast drawing turn-around and assurance these drawings are constructed under the approval of certified engineers and experienced steel detailers. From 3D model to detailed shop drawings our technicians are trained to produce an accurate set of structural steel fabrication drawings that comply with the structural steel design. Our engineering shop drawings will ensure fabricators use the proper grade and strength of steel, and will aide the erection process by detailing the requirements for lifting and locating each piece, emphasize structurally critical dimensions, and specify the locations of bracing and temporary supports.

Trust our firm which has completed all manner of steel construction shop drawings for many different types of  projects, both large and small – from connection details to fabrication shop drawings and erection drawings and steel detail drawings.

Rebar shop drawings

When you are in need of rebar shop drawings, there are several important things you will need to know. This will ensure you are able to obtain high-quality drawings that are as detailed as you need them to be. This will simplify the construction project and eliminate any questions in terms of design along the way.

2D and 3D Drawings are Available
You will need to decide whether you want the drawings to be in 2D or 3D. Both have advantages and disadvantages, and it will be dependent upon what you are using the drawings for. It may be advantageous to start with 3D so that it can provide a more detailed concept. You can also use 2D To 3D drawing conversion services

Reports Can Be Comprehensive
You have the opportunity to obtain printed reports within the drawings that will provide details about the schedule as well as the bar weight. This can be a game changer when it comes to your project management.

Get the Annotations
When contractors are working from drawings, they may have questions from time to time. You can opt for annotations that tag various objects to ensure that there is no guess work happening.

All Accessories Can Be Included
Within the CAD software used to create the rebar shop drawings, there is an extensive library of couplers, wire mesh, and many other bar accessories. This ensures that each and every component used within your project can be accounted for inside of the drawing.

Get more information regarding rebar shop drawings contact INDBIM.

Pre cast and cast in place concrete shop drawings

Reinforced concrete (RC) structures remain a popular model of construction, due to its inherent fire-proofing qualities, its ability to withstand 200 mph winds, and its unsurpassed strength to support tall building structures. While the greater percentage of these types of engineering projects will entail 1 to 3 story structures, they still require hundreds of steel bar, plate, and connecting members to ensure a structurally sound building.

Our reinforced concrete drafting and design services can be a significant factor in developing the steel fabrication shop drawings in a timely manner along with other concrete construction documentation. For both cast-in-place or precast projects, our advanced team of structural designers and detailers will ensure accurate drafting of all your RC plan layouts, details, and steel fabrication shop drawings, including:

  1. Drafting of structural plans, elevations, and section cuts
  2. Positional dimensioning and call-out of all members
  3. Rebar and steel plate detailing for beams, slabs, and columns
  4. Detailed material specification sheets
  5. Design knowledge of bar spacing and overlapping
  6. Detailing of chamfers, cambers, and joints
  7. Anchor and link detailing

To alleviate the bottleneck that often occurs when design shop drawings are released for permit approval, our advanced reinforced concrete drafting and design services will work with structural engineers, during the design process, to make sure the needed shop drawings are ready for concrete and steel fabricator bids. As engineering changes are required, we can quickly modify all supporting shop drawings as details, to keep your documentation package on schedule. We stand behind the quality of our work, and pride ourselves on keeping your company on schedule. The specialty nature of reinforced concrete shop drawings requires an experienced team that has worked on a wide range of projects, both large and small. Contact us to act as an extensive to your engineering firm.

FAQs: Steel Detailing Services

Steel detailers take up structural design drawings made by structural engineers and start detailing of each member in form of general arrangement drawings, assembly drawings and single part drawings including CNC reports, material lists and CAD files.
Based on the structural steel shop drawings, steel is processed by cutting, bending, forming, welding, bolting and assembling etc.
Steel detailing is a job of creating CAD drawings or 3D structural BIM model for structural steel fabricators and steel erectors. INDBIM prepares detailed GA drawings, Assembly drawings and other reports for the manufacturing and erection of steel members. Our Steel detailers have done detailing jobs for variety of structures like hotel buildings, bridges, industrial plants, and non building structures.
RCC detail drawing stand for reinforced cement concrete detail drawing. RCC detail drawing includes the detail of steel reinforcement bars with diameter, spacing and bending, these information are shown in bar bending schedules.
IFC drawings means issued for construction drawings. These drawings are prepared once drawing are approved by the approver.
Pre-fabricators cast concrete in a controlled environment, and with reusable molds to finally transport and place into position. This type of concrete is called pre-cast concrete.
Shop drawings are the drawings created by the manufacturers or fabricators for the pre-fabricated components.  At INDBIM we prepare shop drawings for steel erectors, contractors and fabricators. Shop drawings should have all information regarding size, material specifications, dimensions, surface preparation, bolting, welding, painting, manufacturing and installations.
Pre-engineered buildings or pre-fab buildings are the building which are fabricated in a controlled environment and then transported to the site for erection. These buildings save lot of time and labor requirement on site. Overall it gives good amount of cost reduction. Building like – warehouses, factories, workshops, offices, gas stations, vehicle parking sheds, showrooms, aircraft hangars, metro stations, schools, recreational, indoor stadium roofs, outdoor stadium canopies, bridges, railway platform shelters can be made with PEB technology.
Structural steel quantity can be calculated with automation using BIM model. Advance bill of material list contains detailed information of structural grades of steel, phase detail, dimension, weight, location mark etc.
Revit structures is a BIM software. All quantity calculations regarding rebars are done automatically.