Building Information Modeling Solutions.

Conscious of the need to reduce costs, save time, and collaborate closely with multidisciplinary project teams, architecture, engineering, and construction professionals have ditched traditional design methods.

They’ve turned their attention to advanced, cutting-edge Building Information Modeling (BIM) practices. INDBIM has been at the core of this transformation by working with general contractors, sub-contractors, and project managers to deliver accurate, data-centric building designs, visualizations, walkthroughs, and prefabrication shop drawings among others.

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Whether your next construction project comes up in commercial real estate or the healthcare, education, hospitality, or manufacturing industry, we have a team of BIM experts on call to address all pertinent design requirements. Besides the private sector, we also take up government-sponsored building modeling projects.

At INDBIM, we have the BIM tools and expertise to support cost-effective building design and construction methodologies for all types of AEC projects. We create valuable and detailed virtual building prototypes based on coordinated, consistent, and accurate engineering data and calculations.

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Services We Provide

BIM Verticals
We strive to bring full integrated project delivery to architects, contractors, and builders.
BIM Visualization
Visualizing a structure before it’s built is what makes modern-day BIM software so important to use.
BIM Simulation
Even better than visualization is being able to simulate specific construction scenarios before they occur.
BIM Shop Drawings
Creating shop drawings and turning them into full 3D imagery in BIM software is easier to do than ever.
BIM Services
Overall, we’ll help speed up construction projects so they complete on time and budget.

Case Studies

Home 2 suites

Project size: 106050 Sq Ft.
Team Member: 2 person
Duration: 18 days
Description: This project involved modeling and coordination of HVAC duct work and Mechanical piping with respect to Architecture model over the total area.

Maya Cinemax

Project size: 135940 Sq Ft.
Team Member: 2 person
Duration: 15 days
Description: Our scope was to developed modeling and coordination of HVAC service with respect to Architecture and Structure model. LOD 400 HVAC modeling was done.


  • A significant reduction in overhead expenses.
  • The use of the most sophisticated technology.
  • Ability to devote time and resources to growth.
  • Ability to devote time and resources to growth.
  • Less office space is required.
  • Access to a comprehensive array of complex engineering services.
  • Office equipment costs are reduced.
  • A faster turnaround time on key projects.
  • A higher level of engineering expertise.
  • Ability to use services on an as-needed basis. Access to service and support at all times.
  • Improved marketing capabilities.
Technical drawings are required for construction. These drawings have all required information of dimensions, material details, assembly details etc.
There are various types of technical drawings like 3d drawings (isometric, perspective), exploded 3d view, working drawings, detail drawings, schematic drawings etc. All these types of drawings are made at different stages of construction, showing different level of details.
Free hand drawings are easy to make. It can be made using a small piece of paper or can be made using a computer. Many architects and engineers are well trained to express there ideas intently using free hand sketch. Many computer programs are available for free hand sketching.
AutoCAD is generally preferred software for HVAC design drawings, but with advent of Revit we hope Revit becomes first choice.
Virtually all product manufactures can create BIM object. BIM objects could be used by architects, fabricators, engineers in to live projects. This makes approval process and design process simpler. Also this can highly boost sales for the manufacturer, as consumers can see product information easily.
Sheet metal fabrication are used for automobile, Duct modeling, ship building, door window, elevators and kitchen equipment’s etc.
BIM Levels also known as BIM LOD. LOD stands for level of details. LOD ranges between 300 – 500. Accurate information for respective LOD could be seen in PAS standards, or American national BIM standards.
BIM model has various level of details possible. It starts from LOD 300 and is up to LOD 600. So depending on LOD you can expect detailing.
Integrated disciplines, better iterations, smaller recursions can be achieved using BIM technology.
BIM content showing accurate size of object, shape information, materials, hosting information with very less file size and parametric capabilities can be considered high quality.
We prefer Autodesk and Tekla Trimble company software. We have a vast experience working with them and they have always remained accurate in there outputs.
3D BIM modeling is used for documentation, integration, coordination, construction, management, operation and implementation in AEC.
Environment friendly construction saves nature. It reduces carbon footprint.
Civil engineering drawings such as excavation drawings, form work drawings, road layout and utility drawings are extremely important for civil engineers to execute project. Special structures like bridges, chimneys, roads have highly complex drawings for execution.
General contractors, fabricators outsource design drawings to INDBIM for MEP co-ordination. All design drawings are converted into LOD 500 BIM model and reports are extracted with clash test, and later resolved. Virtually all clashes between MEP, architecture and structure disciplines are removed.
Scale means 1 unit is equal to 75 units. For eg 1cm shown in drawing is equal to 75 cm in real scale.
Construction errors or onsite changes lead to may issues . 3D scanning technology is used for documenting these changes. Instead of measuring manually, 3d scan collects all information in form of 3d point cloud. It is then used for 3d bim model generation, hence creating actual view of what exists on site.
MEP stands for mechanical, electrical and plumbing systems. HVAC stands for heating, ventilation and air-conditioning systems.
BIM stands for building information model and CAD stands for computer aided drafting. BIM encompasses cad but cad not necessarily have BIM information.
MEP shop drawings include annotations, schedules, and other details needed to construct, analyses, lift, move, and put up a range of mechanical elements.
Steel detailers take up structural design drawings made by structural engineers and start detailing of each member in form of general arrangement drawings, assembly drawings and single part drawings including CNC reports, material lists and CAD files.
Based on the structural steel shop drawings, steel is processed by cutting, bending, forming, welding, bolting and assembling etc.
Steel detailing is a job of creating CAD drawings or 3D structural BIM model for structural steel fabricators and steel erectors. INDBIM prepares detailed GA drawings, Assembly drawings and other reports for the manufacturing and erection of steel members. Our Steel detailers have done detailing jobs for variety of structures like hotel buildings, bridges, industrial plants, and non building structures.
Spatial coordination means coordination of different AEC disciplines with respect to the working space availability for installation, maintenance and repair.
Sheet metal fabrication is a process of making structures, machine parts, etc. by sawing, drilling, shearing, stamping to sheet metal.
Revit MEP is a software made by Autodesk.
Amount of materials required to construct the project is called takeoff for materials.
Point cloud modeling means creating 3d model using 3d point data.
Construction Operations Building Information Exchange (COBie) is a non-proprietary data format for the publication of a subset of building information models (BIM) focused on delivering asset data as distinct from geometric information.
MEP coordination services has many advances for general contractors and fabricators. They don’t have to invest efforts into costly software and infrastructures, nor they need to develop skills for using technology. They can focus on there core tasks and get MEP coordinated drawings from INDBIM.
RCC detail drawing stand for reinforced cement concrete detail drawing. RCC detail drawing includes the detail of steel reinforcement bars with diameter, spacing and bending, these information are shown in bar bending schedules.
IPD basically links owners, designers and contractors at an early stage of a project to ensure the mutuality of goals and objectives, and the steady and timely giving of information for improved decision-making.
There are chances different companies use different BIM software. So to standardize there output international federation class has been created. (IFC) . All BIM software should have valid IFC data output. So if the architect is using x software and structural engineer is using y software both can be checked for clashes using there IFC outputs.
The heating, ventilation and air conditioning system is extremely important concern for pharma industry, which aids to enhance and maintain the quality of drug products. The American society of Heating, refrigerating and air-conditioning engineers defines air HVAC system as a “ a system that must accomplish four objectives simultaneously, namely, control of air, temperature, control of air humidity, control of air circulation, and control of quality. This standard are called hvac validation.
HVAC system design is a sub discipline of mechanical engineering, based on the principles of thermodynamics, fluid mechanics and heat transfer.
BIM (Building Information Modeling) is an intelligent 3D model-based process that gives architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals the insight and tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure.
Using bim technology our team collaborates with yours to provide complete management of existing assets, from day-to-day production operations, planning and the delivery, and other services.
IFC drawings means issued for construction drawings. These drawings are prepared once drawing are approved by the approver.
Ventilation systems can be categorized as one of four types: exhaust, supply, balanced, and heat-recovery.
Red line drawings are change markups made on construction drawings showing actual on site conditions.
5D BIM technology provides ways of determining and analyzing the resources required to complete a project. At the same time, it provides means of evaluating the impacts of the changes in scope, equipment, materials and labor.
4D (BIM) adds a time dimension to a 3D model, enabling teams to analyse the sequence of events on a time-line and visualize the time it takes to complete tasks within the construction process.
There are various type of risk management, one of them is budget.
Pre-fabricators cast concrete in a controlled environment, and with reusable molds to finally transport and place into position. This type of concrete is called pre-cast concrete.
Building created with environmentally responsible methods of construction, operation, maintenance, renovation and deconstructions are called green building.
Our BIM models are extensively used to extract quantities and 4D sequencing / phasing outputs. We incorporate parameters of construction activity according to the bar-chart, which are added to BIM models to study and document sequencing, phasing, site management. We build these models differently – using visual scheduling layering. BIM models built this way can be used to extract IFC exports that can be integrated with various cost estimating and project management software’s.
Complex designs which are difficult to visualize in 2D could be easily read with 3D cad models. Creation of sections, elevations are far accurate and fast once you have 3D model. 3D models are required for 3D printing and CNC.
BIM can help change management during construction. Every instructions for on site change from the construction drawing set could be recorded and analyzed using BIM. BIM 360 Field is an cloud based application where all scan data to field changes could be managed. Field and design office comes on same platform using BIM.
BIM is available from 3D, 4D, 5D, 6D and 7D dimensions.
Total station is used for surveying and leveling.
MSP, primavera can have seam less integration with Navisworks. The number of activities you can add in a MSP project are far less than what Primavera allows. Hence there is a vast difference in output through Navisworks depending upon you link primavera or MSP for 4D.
Wood working is best done with AutoCAD and Autodesk Revit.
BIM can be virtually applied to all construction processes.
Shop drawings are the drawings created by the manufacturers or fabricators for the pre-fabricated components.  At INDBIM we prepare shop drawings for steel erectors, contractors and fabricators. Shop drawings should have all information regarding size, material specifications, dimensions, surface preparation, bolting, welding, painting, manufacturing and installations.
Parametric bim objects are called revit families.
Pre-engineered buildings or pre-fab buildings are the building which are fabricated in a controlled environment and then transported to the site for erection. These buildings save lot of time and labor requirement on site. Overall it gives good amount of cost reduction. Building like – warehouses, factories, workshops, offices, gas stations, vehicle parking sheds, showrooms, aircraft hangars, metro stations, schools, recreational, indoor stadium roofs, outdoor stadium canopies, bridges, railway platform shelters can be made with PEB technology.
MEP modeling services means converting 2D design drawings into fully enabled 3D BIM MEP model. Once 3D model is generated with proper BIM methodology, it can be used for clash detection, material report generation and fabrication documentation.
BIM outsourcing services are available for architects, structural engineers, general contractors, HVAC contractors and surveyors. Any type of BIM modeling, documentation, integration and co-ordination tasks could be outsourced to INDBIM. They provide INDBIM raw data to be processed into proper BIM model.
We are using Revit, Tekla and Navis works for clash detection process.
Once design drawings are approved, construction documentation stage begins. All components, materials, systems, tagging, views, schedules are represented in construction drawings.
For AEC disciplines there are many types of clash detection required. For architecture, door, windows, finished floor, curtain walls, architectural wall. Etc. For structure, beams, columns, foundation, reinforcements, lift shafts etc. For MEP heating systems, cooling systems, equipment’s, sprinklers etc. For Electrical panels, wires, cable trays, etc. Second is interdisciplinary clash checks like Arch vs struct, Arch vs MEP so on and so forth. So in totality there are many types of clash detections required in order to have fully integrated clash free model. Clashes can lead to costly errors and delay.
Clashes can occur during design phase as well as construction phase of construction. Causes during design phase are related to design issues. Integrated drawings need to be created before using them for construction. Errors in construction can lead to clashes.
IPD should be used from concept phase of design.
With 5D simulation cost are connected to design changes. Hence with each design change cost sheet gets updated and engineers, architects can keep eye on budget. So multiple options of materials, construction methods etc could be simulated in order to achieve project goals.
Structural steel quantity can be calculated with automation using BIM model. Advance bill of material list contains detailed information of structural grades of steel, phase detail, dimension, weight, location mark etc.
Revit structures is a BIM software. All quantity calculations regarding rebars are done automatically.
Manufacturers create bim content for easy access to there customers. They should create bim content with standard details and information. These content should have less file size and correct materials as well as shape. Online download should be available.
We charge based on fixed project price, lump sum as well as hourly basis. Kindly share your details through contact us. Our representative will get in touch with you.
Search sets created in Navisworks are basically rules applied to model search. These rules could be exported and imported into new project, so they may be applied and used for clash detection.
BIM 360 Glue is a cloud-based platform for Navisworks. All our files stay on cloud for live updates, review and commenting for team as well as our clients. Revit files stay on BIM 360 docs and Navis files are connected to bim 360 glue.
Civil 3d is absolutely important and high end software for civil engineers. It has lot many features regarding roads, storm water and sewage, topography, gis etc. All of these are important for a civil engineer, and could be helpful.
Plumbing drawings helps pipe fitters to understand pipework. Spatial relations with other systems, equipment assemblage, hence reducing errors and field mistakes.
Outsourcing BIM and CAD services is a strategy that is growing in popularity among leading firms in a variety of industries. Outsourcing is most likely to occur when there is an increased demand for CAD and BIM skills but staffing resources are in short supply. However, outsourcing is also increasing in popularity among architectural design and engineering companies wishing to focus their resources on dream projects, diversification of services, or taking their business to the next level.
As per reports only 75% of the budget is utilized and 25% is wasted during construction. MEP bim solves this problem, it saves money and time during construction. Virtually every mep related activity is simulated to avoid any costly mistakes.
Platforms like BIM 360 glue which are integrated with the survey data taken by surveyor could speed up the design process and help change management.
3D Laser Scanning is a non-contact, non-destructive technology that digitally captures the shape of physical objects using a line of laser light. … In other words, 3D laser scanning is a way to capture a physical object’s exact size and shape into the computer world as a digital 3-dimensional representation.
Today all MEP design analysis could be done using BIM technology. Heat load calculations, CFM calculations, solar study, wind study etc. Latest BIM software’s perform these calculation on cloud. Just by putting location information the building virtually gets located into the place and various scenarios are simulated. It’s a very accurate and hi-technology tool. There are many more benefits also, please contact us to know more.
First point cloud should be imported in Revit.  After the import is done, using various modeling tools of revit modeling is carried out.
A green building uses considerably less energy and water than a conventional building, has fewer site impacts and generally higher levels of indoor air quality, and with the green building functioned sustainable design within the building environment.
Drones with a 3d camera attached is a common site now a days. Drones are used for 3D scanning of the building or construction site area. This is a very fast and accurate process to generate point could and further process it for BIM.
We check models using Autodesk Navisworks, all reports are produced in. nwf files with commenting, xml files, html files and jpeg.
Yes, we provide detailing for both stick curtain wall system and unitized curtain wall system.
Yes we can prepare building approval plans.
Definitely yes. If you need your furniture design to be 3d printed you have to first create 3d print model. Various 3d print materials are available for you to choose.
Of course yes! Clash detection can avoid costly mistakes and delays in time line. Its obvious.
Please provide us your details and we will share our examples.