Building Information Modeling Solutions

AEC BIM Outsourcing Company INDBIM has been at the core of BIM transformation by working with general contractors, sub-contractors, and project managers to deliver accurate, data-centric building designs, visualizations, walkthroughs, and prefabrication shop drawings.

We deliver all projects on time or even before promised dates.

We have a superb international track record of success.

We have flexibility in creating solutions that meet the needs.

We work as an extended BIM studio for clients across the globe.
  • BIM Verticals

    We strive to bring full integrated project delivery to architects, contractors, and builders.

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  • BIM Visualization

    Visualizing a structure before it’s built is what makes modern-day BIM software so important to use.

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  • BIM Simulation

    Even better than visualization is being able to simulate specific construction scenarios before they occur.

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  • BIM Shop Drawings

    Creating shop drawings and turning them into full 3D imagery in BIM software is easier to do than ever.

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  • BIM Services

    Overall, we’ll help speed up construction projects so they complete on time and budget.

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Whether your next construction project comes up in commercial real estate or the healthcare, education, hospitality, or manufacturing industry, we have a team of BIM experts on call to address all pertinent BIM requirements. Besides the private sector, we also take up government-sponsored building modeling projects.

At INDBIM, we have the BIM tools and expertise to support cost-effective building design and construction methodologies for all types of AEC projects. We create valuable and detailed virtual building prototypes based on coordinated, consistent, and accurate engineering data and calculations.

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    An American National Standard

    We follow structural steel detailing specifications as per AISC

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    Publicly Available Specifications

    We follow British Standards and Publicly Available Specifications (PAS) from BSI

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    CSA Group

    We follow standards for construction industry laid by CSA

Experience quality

Company INDBIM provides quality BIM co-ordination, simulation and visualization services throughout the globe. The Company has developed its expertise since its establishment and its aim is to achieve a high standard of BIM service to its customers.

It is the policy of Company INDBIM to provide the customer with BIM services to the agreed requirement in accordance with the details and price.

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  • “It was a pleasure working with the INDBIM team on my Design Development large home design project. The turn-around times were consistently excellent while edits, issues. renovations, and improvements were managed in the most professional manner.”
    Bart Culbertson
  • “This design team is excellent. I needed a REVIT 3D coordination drawings within a deadline of 10 days, and they provided me with a thorough job.”
    HVAC Contractor
  • “Fairly quick turnaround - our company used them to check interferences between different consulting disciplines and they returned a model re-worked without clashes. There was not much written explanation as to what deliverable was being returned as we were given a bunch of files, but they set up a screen sharing phone call everything made sense afterward. Quantity and quality of work was solid.”
    General Contractor