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Trust our firm which has completed all manner of steel construction drawing for many different types of projects.

Quality Control in Fabrication and Erection Starts with Accurate Drawings

steel frame buildings have progressed urban architecture with the ability to build taller and stronger structures with predictable load shedding capacity. Even though these building may have a small footprint, it is often thousands of steel beams, shapes, plates, fasteners, and prefabrication assemblies that must be precisely detailed for shop machining and accurately marked for erection sequencing.

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Critical Role of Structural Steel Detailer

Bridging the gap from design to erection lies the crucial role of the structural steel detailer in creating the structural steel fabrication drawings needed for building erection.

From 3D model to detailed shop drawing our technicians are trained to produce an accurate set of structural steel fabrication drawings that comply with the structural steel design.


Structural Steel Detailing

Steel structures that are modeled with the Tekla Structures BIM software are not only more accurate, they also carry more detailed and reliable information about each framing component. The result is the ability to create fabrication drawings faster and with less scrap during machining. Overall, the marriage between BIM and fabrication drawings will allow for a smoother erection process – and this is where the time, manpower, and cost savings are realized. Tekla-modeled structures can interface directly with many electronic-controlled shop machines, sending design information directly to CNC routing, laser cutting, or robotic welding workflows. Pre-fabricated steel components created from accurate structural steel fabrication shop drawings are key to ensuring efficient and high-quality erection of structures at the construction site. Trust our firm which has completed all manner of steel construction shop drawings for many different types of projects, both large and small – from connection details to fabrication shop drawings and erection drawings and steel detail drawings.


Pre-Cast & In-situ concrete

For both Cast-in-place concrete or Precast concrete projects, our advanced team of structural designers and detailers will ensure accurate drafting of all your RC plan layouts, details, and steel fabrication shop drawings. We will create all the necessary information for concrete lift drawings for deep or shallow foundations, retaining walls, floor slabs and more – by automatically pulling the information from the 3D model. Any additional footing or splicing components are also created for a complete set of concrete assembly drawings, including accurate quantity take-offs. At INDBIM, our team of building information modeling specialists and structural design experts work to make sure structural shop drawing information is not missing that can result in costly mistakes such as incorrect sequencing or missing embeds. And when accurate cuts and sections are taken directly from the model and integrated in the shop drawing set, field workers can better visualize the end results that are expected. And this reduces field conflicts that were missed in the design process due to human error.


Rebar Modeling

An entire library of predefined rebar shapes are available to make Reinforced concrete layouts and fabrications proceed quickly. Reinforcement tools allow designers to quickly add rebar, anchors, hooks, and other reinforcing elements to columns, concrete beams, foundations, and structural floors. The automation of rebar numbering for schedules and annotations adds to a reduction in the time it takes to create pre-cast concrete shop drawings. When you are in need of rebar shop drawings, there are several important things you will need to know. This will ensure you are able to obtain high-quality drawings that are as detailed as you need them to be. This will simplify the construction project and eliminate any questions in terms of design along the way.

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