BIM integration leads to smart buildings

(BIM) works far beyond just the construction planning phase. It's designed to work through numerous levels in your facility's life cycle.

It's worth taking time to learn how to integrate it efficiently into your company environment.

Using BIM means working with everyone in the facility management department to find out what data they’ll need to properly maintain the building. Numerous custom and life cycle features are going to become integrated into your building information modeling program to create a model everyone can rely on. While every company is going to have a different list of data to draw from depending on needs, assessing your goals is the best step forward.

BIM and facilities management | Computer aided facilities management

Most Essential Pieces

After you create a list of the equipment and systems you need to maintain, you’ll want to whittle it down to the basics if you find it’s too overwhelming. One thing you don’t want to do is place data into your BIM software that isn’t relevant to your facility management staff. Information about building materials could end up becoming too complicated for them to maintain without outside help. It all depends, of course, on what you intend to do with your building in the future. If you think you’ll do remodeling in another few years, data on the square footage of rooms or details on windows would become useful. Otherwise, it pays to keep data simple, including make and model of all equipment you have in each department.

CFD and BIM Integration

Transferring data to BIM platform can lead to confusion if it isn’t fully integrated with how your facility managers operate. It may even mean having to integrate with other software they use. As you work with a BIM expert, you’ll need to discuss how to integrate everything so it’s seamless without having to enter information a second time. A smooth transition requires finding ways to integrate various endpoints without software malfunctions or creating too much downtime.

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