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Architectural shop drawings can be used to support and verify construction documentation during the permit approval phase.

Detailed Architectural Shop Drawings

INDBIM is skilled at transferring the architectural design information as laid out in floorplans and sections into detailed shop drawings that are ready for fabrication by third-party trade service providers. Producing accurate architectural shop drawings is critical to reducing field rework due to errors in measurement, fabrication, or assembly.

  • Curtain Wall Drawings

    At INDBIM, our team of CAD specialists can create extremely detailed curtain wall shop drawings for both fabrication and installation. Our years of experience in translating architectural requirements into machining and fabrication instructions will clearly communicate your design ideas to your chosen supplier. We specialize in a fast turn-around and accurate shop information based on industry best practices. When your project requires custom fabricated curtain wall shop drawings, we can provide full glazing 3D models in addition to architectural shop drawings.

  • Stud Wall Drawings

    At INDBIM, we translate steel framed wall structures into stud wall shop drawings when engineers have specified brick veneer or other exterior siding materials for buildings. This type of lightweight steel framing is commonly used for low rise structures and commercial or mixed-use construction projects. We apply the specific guidelines and best practices for detailing stud wall drawings, including all material callouts and precision datum and dimensions for increased accuracy. Using the latest software, we provide a complete set of metal stud shop drawings that may include plan views, sections, elevations, or 3D isometric drawings to make sure all material specifications are included, and all manufacturing processes are clear.

  • Millwork Shop Drawings

    When you require professionally drafted architectural millwork including cabinetry, casework, and other wood crafted furnishing for commercial, industrial, high-end residential, or institutional projects INDBIM can provide the expert detailers with real-world experience in wood shop procedures and practices. Our focus is always on your project’s specific needs for custom millwork products by providing the best millwork shop drawings to convey all information needed for machining and assembly. We make sure the architect’s vision is accurately translated to shop procedures and dimensions that may include the following documentation:

    • Material Specifications
    • Manufacturer’s Cut Sheets
    • Dimensional Details
    • Assembly Instructions
    • Surface Finishes
    • Hardware Schedule
  • Full Set Construction Documentation

    Partner with us to provide a full set of construction documentation generated directly from the architectural and engineering design drawings. Construction drawings will generally combine both the architect’s design layout with material specifications and sometimes shop drawing information for a more complete set of construction documentation that is more comprehensive and more useful in the field. Our construction documentation will clearly convey the architect’s intentions along with the information needed to erect all portions of the building’s exterior and interior. INDBIM can supply construction documentation which may include the following:

    • General Notes and Schedules
    • Demolition Plans
    • Foundation, Floor & Roof Plans
    • Interior and Exterior Elevations
    • Wall Sections and Details
    • Floor Sections and Details
    • Reflected Ceiling Plan
    • MEP Installations, Plans & Notes
    • Structural Framing Plans & Details

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Construction Drawings

drawings illustrate a clear and coordinated dimensional layout of all engineered aspects of the proposed property and project – along with the aesthetic and decorative features of the final structure.

Curtain Wall Shop Drawings

Using the latest version of Revit, we are experience in the development of various curtain wall shop drawings that can be used for third party bidding, fabrication and erection. From full length wall sections of the curtain wall to details, assemblies and bill of materials, a full package that adheres to current design and drafting standards can be created from your architectural exterior elevations and sections.

Millwork Shop Drawings

Custom designed interior wood construction is a highly desirable feature in many of today’s high-end residential projects and in many other commercial and public structures, such as churches, banks, hospitals and libraries, where pre-fabricated cabinets and casework are not readily available. Instead of being constrained by the manufacturer’s choice of wood, design and size, quality cabinet and decorative wood components are often custom designed. Submit your architectural or engineering sketches for conversion to shop drawings in imperial or metric units, including decorative architectural components. Get millwork plans, material and hardware schedules, elevations, sections and assembly drawings.

Construction Shop Drawings

Revit: supports a modeling workflow, where deliverables such as drawings and schedules come directly from a single, unified model. Changes are reflected in all views of the model, and adjacent/connected elements automatically update to maintain established relationships

Panel Wall Shop Drawings

The diversity of panel wall applications, panel types, and proprietary panel wall systems require skilled architectural designers and drafters familiar with panel wall building layouts and proper CAD detailing.


Types of panel wall

Architectural Insulated Panels, Structural Insulated Metal Panels (SIP), Residential and Commercial Metal SIPS, Metal Building Systems

The manufacturing industry has responded to the growing trend of prefab construction with many types of panel wall products that can be engineered to fit any architectural design. Proper and efficient panel wall building requires detailed and accurate panel wall construction drawings

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