Architectural BIM design and detailing services

The benefits of outsourcing BIM duties to an expert team will bring more efficiency and accuracy to your architectural projects.

Bringing a More Collaborative Process to Designing Buildings

BIM is an acronym. It stands for Building Information Modeling. This is a modern approach to architectural and engineering design where 3D model structures are utilized to achieve efficient constructions and infrastructure. These services are divided into so many categories that work as a unit to achieve a modern based infrastructure.


3D BIM model-centric design

The 3D BIM model of the project is a powerful base of information from which all other documentation should flow from, and not into.

Integrating 3D CAD design services in the beginning of project uses CAD technology to its fullest, will save man-hours of drafting and detailing production, and provides for less in-field construction clashes.


Schematic Phase

Here at INDBIM, we often collaborate with architects on BIM modeling, content development, and implementation. One part of that service involves converting 2D drawings you’ve worked with for years into a more fully realized BIM document. This gives you a 3D representation of what your building is going to look like from the exterior to the interior. As a major benefit, it’s going to help you speed up many of your projects that otherwise would take months to do.

In this initial phase of conceptual design, architects focus on the scale of the structure and the relationship between building components. The form and function of spaces are decided within the process of building the 3D BIM model. Often architects will use specific software developed to enhance the Concept architectural design model; a program such as SketchUp allows the Architect to more easily build an initial architectural model. The first step in a 3D bim model-based workflow is converting these initial sketches into true 3D bim models to be used as the basis for further design. Partnering with INDBIM for 3D BIM modeling services is a cost-effective option to 3D model-based design.


Design Phase

One thing to keep in mind about BIM software is it’s not always about just the construction and design of a building. It’s meant to develop your design so the owner of the building can use it as a reference point of data later. During the initial design phase, we’ll add specific BIM levels of detailing, that help you input data about building materials or even technologies being installed. This then becomes used for reference when the building owner decides they want to remodel the building in future years.

This phase of architectural project and engineering design will consume the majority of the project and involves many man-hours of floor plan production and multiple engineering and client reviews which ultimately progress the project to design completion. The need for highly skilled architectural CAD technicians capable of isolating views from the 3D BIM model and adding appropriate dimension, details, and supporting text are essential. Firms that mistakenly focus on 2d floor plan development outside of a 3D bim model sacrifice the powerful tools inherent to 3D BIM which allow for the automatic generation of sectional and elevation views. Time, cost and accuracy are lost in a 2D-based model of design development.


construction drawing

Being able to view all of your construction drawing stages without errors is likely something you’ve wanted for years. It’s easy to make mistakes when drawing out a complete 2D design of an elaborate facility. Even if you’ve made few errors in your career, it could cost you your reputation if it occurs now. We’re available to work directly with you on designing all construction stages for better documentation and cost control. The latter will help contractors you’re working with immensely since they’ll have the pressures of building your design within a projected budget. A properly designed 3D BIM model can also enhance this phase of design where not only detail drawing dictate the final look and materials of construction, but also component data sheets, specifications, and material or component schedules are needed.

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